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     Universal Quartz has been providing quality quartz products for various applications since 1987. However, the vision and direction of our company developed long before our doors where open and production began. The founder and president of Universal Quartz Gerald Vetack, Sr., first became involved with the fabrication of quartz material when the largest silicon wafer at the time was 1" in diameter. During the next 23 years, his accomplished expertise in the quartz industry led him to management positions at both large quartz manufacturing companies and small quartz specialty shops. As Gerry began to oversee the production facilities at these various size companies, he became aware of a desire to start his own company and implement the visions he considered significant. His first insight was to realize that most important asset to any company is its employee's so he not only involved them in the formation of company policies but also established a company profit sharing plan and a flexible work week. Secondly, he determined that customer satisfaction should be a company-wide goal, whether it means staying late and working weekends to meet a customers emergency need or finding solutions for recurring problems plaguing a customers productivity. Lastly, he envisioned a need to provide customer support to all companies regardless of size, requirement, or application. This includes recommending other quartz fabricators and suppliers in situations where Universal Quartz could not directly be of assistance.

     By using these philosophies, Universal Quartz has found continuing success in our niche of the quartz manufacturing industry but more importantly we pride ourselves in the ability to assist and exceed in the true meaning of the term `customer service'.

     We would like to thank you for stopping by and visiting our website. If you have any comments, questions, or if we may be of assistance, please click on our Contact Us webpage.




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