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Universal Quartz is a service oriented quartz manufacturer, providing consultation, product development, R&D prototypes, and production fabrication. We have found continuing success and expertise in supplying the following industries with the specific, but not limited to, items listed below:

SEMICONDUCTOR MANUFACTURERS (Including University ICEE Labs): pull rods, t/c, storage and cantilever sheaths, door closure assemblies, low and high temperature paddles, wafer carriers of all shapes and sizes, boat holders, various configurations of injectors and manifolds, LTO cages, process tubes, plugs, solid and perforated baffles, white elephants, end caps, ampoules.

ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS (OEM): bell jars, plasma chambers, wafer and boat trays, lift pins, polished windows, plugs, wafer carriers, pedestals, sensor sheaths, hangers, covers.

CHEMISTRY APPLICATIONS (Universities, Laboratories): Borosilicate (pyrex) and quartz test tubes, flasks, petri dishes, microscope slides, Borosilicate (pyrex) and quartz rod and tubing, quartz tanks, pyrolysis tubes.

AEROSPACE: high quality optical quartz windows, surface grinding services, quartz fixtures and assemblies.

FIBER OPTICS: quartz couplers, fiber leads, double bore tubing, small bore tight tolerance quartz material

ANNEALING FURANCE, AND PURIFICATION SYSTEMS MANUFACTURERS high temperature encapsulation sheaths, high temperature support rods, view port windows, holding trays.

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